Random, Short, Fun

I’m very easily distracted.  It’s not conducive to productivity at all…but I find some fun stuff along the way.  Here are three of my treasures from the evening:

The Opposite of Double rainbow.

Childhood ruined.  
Is it just me, or do Yakko, Wakko, and Dot seem like a more charming version of the McPoyles?

Lots of cat poop.

Speaking of childhoods, I owe you a soundtrack from yesterday. I wasn’t actually listening to it at the time, but The Monkees first album is THE soundtrack to my childhood. Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe! Mickey Dolenz was my first ever crush, they were my first concert,  I had their posters all over the walls. In first grade I even auditioned for a talent show by holding a pound puppy and lip-synching to Gonna Buy Me A Dog. No, I didn’t make into the show, in case you really had to wonder.
A boy-band obsession in a little girl may not seem so unusual. Except that it was in the 80’s; a good 15 years past their prime. I have a feeling one of my past lives had to have been during the 60’s and 70’s.  My exact theory is that an uber gay male bit it on the dance floor, was brought to the hospital my mother was in labor in at the same time, revived, died for good the second time, and, being so attached to the fun of life, shimmied his way right into the next body he could find. Moi. His blatant disregard of soul debriefing after one life and training before the other was a risky move. He has to share the space with the nice Catholic Girl I was supposed to be. Boy has he corrupted her…







About Lazy Goddess

Wannabe artist & writer, but I'm pretty lazy about it. Music lover, old soul, muse, crazy (about my) cat lady. I work in peer Mental Health Wellness.
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