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Wannabe artist & writer, but I'm pretty lazy about it. Music lover, old soul, muse, crazy (about my) cat lady. I work in peer Mental Health Wellness.

How do you leave the past behind

Well, it’s online, so….just don’t delete it, I guess. And that’s why I’m leaving the ancient beginning blog posts right where they are. Four years isn’t that long ago, really, but I’ve died since then, and that kinda makes it … Continue reading

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There’s a foul plot afoot

It’s not my feet! I just vashed them! I’m really not sure why that came to mind as a post title, but it’s immensely better than what it was going to be: “Updated update.” Anywho, I scrapped SerifDraw in favor … Continue reading

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An update, and a warning

Update! I’m writing this on the computer that I thought I had totally FUBARed. With help from the lovely folks at, it’s all nice and shiny and new again. The Adobes will have to be reinstalled, and those disks are … Continue reading

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Day 6; Subject still showing symptoms of withdrawal

I’m not a very dedicated artist. Actually, I don’t even really feel comfortable calling myself an artist. Never have, even when others insist upon it.  In my mind, true artists have a calling. They have  images begging them for release, … Continue reading

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I got a peaceful, easy posting

I have about a million and one (minus 999,995) ideas written down for posts, but haven’t really had the time or gumption to flesh any of them out.  I have, however, been cranking out the visuals. Most of them aren’t … Continue reading

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Random, Short, Fun

I’m very easily distracted.  It’s not conducive to productivity at all…but I find some fun stuff along the way.  Here are three of my treasures from the evening: The Opposite of Double rainbow. Childhood ruined.   Is it just me, … Continue reading

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She totally stole my Barbie leather jacket!

I deleted my old Deviant Art profile/gallery today and made one for LazyGoddess, and in adding images, I was inspired to finish some of the ones I’d abandoned saved for a later date. I decided to trace some things (I … Continue reading

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Not so lazy now!

I’m not sure what I have against sleep tonight, but I keep doing things instead of it. On Wednesday, I decided I needed to be a Tweeter, so I started an account. Easy enough, right? Not if you’re in my … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

Welcome! Welcome! Come in, and know me better man! I started this blog so that I could know me better, too. Back in the day, whenever it seemed like something “big” was happening in my life, I would get a … Continue reading

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