New Beginnings

Welcome! Welcome! Come in, and know me better man!

I started this blog so that I could know me better, too. Back in the day, whenever it seemed like something “big” was happening in my life, I would get a new notebook and new pens so I could start a new journal. I never really kept up with it, I just love office supplies. Now it seems like another phase in my life is happening, but notebooks and pens aren’t really in the budget these days. Plus, it IS the Technological Age anyway, so I may as well get with the times.

A little about me: 30 something, crazy cat lady, intelligent college grad, unemployed and stressed, great family and friends, who may not understand; but still love, sexy boyfriend, helping to start a business; learning/teaching myself about social media, marketing, web design and graphic design along the way, a little too weird/a little too bright; I often get called “hippie” or “free spirit”, adventurous;but lazy, possibly psychic, artistic, waster of potential from way back.
My mind races ALL the time, but rarely does anything fruitful come from it.  I’m hoping that having a place to slow it down, get some of the thoughts out in visual form, sort them, hopefully meet some cool people, and maybe get feedback will help me first figure out, and then become the person I want to be. Or at least do the best imitation of myself.

So then what is this blog going to BE about? Well, anything I damn well please! 🙂


About Lazy Goddess

Wannabe artist & writer, but I'm pretty lazy about it. Music lover, old soul, muse, crazy (about my) cat lady. I work in peer Mental Health Wellness.
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